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“Our sales environment is dynamic and Julie’s Sales Workshop brought some creative and innovative ideas so we can meet these changes in our marketplace. Our team was engaged and came away with some unique tools to continue to improve our sales process.”
John Utvich, North American Sales Manager, Terumo BCT

Our lead generation consultants are experts in their field, but their soft-spoken natures often mask that expertise. I engaged Julie Hansen to enhance our lead generation consulting staff’s presentation skills and allow their expertise to shine through. Julie’s training and follow-on coaching had an immediate impact on how they presented. It was so much so that we saw a change in their presentation styles the day after the first training. Our consultants spoke with new intention and energy, commanding attention and respect. Clients now listen carefully to them, show deference for the consultants’ recommendations, and request their input.  The change has been so significant that we’ve added Julie’s presentation training and coaching to our on-going employee development.
Kendra Lee, President, KLA & Associates

“Matching your body language, your voice and your message to your intention makes you more credible.  This workshop helps with this concept.”  Wade Bergeron, Sales consultant, Eli Lilly Canada

“Julie is outstanding. Julie and her style, approach, dedication and passion brought this from great to outstanding. She is the difference. Excellent way to remind us all that it is YOU who does the selling, not just the content.”
Eric Roverud, Sales Consultant Manager, Oracle

“As an experienced presenter, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned from Julie’s coaching on presentations!  In just a few sessions, Julie helped me pull out the most impactful points of my message and turn them into a compelling and engrossing story, which I was able to deliver with greater confidence and energy.  Her suggestions were spot-on and included fresh ideas of how to ensure I was engaging with the audience.  I would recommend Julie’s presentation coaching to anyone who has a high-stakes presentation or simply needs to up their game in a competitive market. ”
Laurie Page, Managing Partner, The Bridge Group, Inc. 

“Since prospects and customers are stretched thin and are distracted more than ever, it’s refreshing to gain a fresh perspective on ways to orchestrate a first impression that make a difference. From “raising the stakes” to “holding your beat”, Julie’s insight offers dramatic elements that give the prospect an experience to remember and compels them to take action.”
Jackie Wold, National Sales Director, The Work Connection

“My organization, the Institute for Excellence in Sales, hired Julie to keynote our December sales excellence workshop. She NAILED it. Our audience of sales leaders and experts were blown away by her message, her style and energy, and her humor. She had everyone thinking differently about how they presented their offerings by the end of the program. It was a great decision to have her speak at this program.”
Fred Diamond, Exec. Director, IES)

“Julie’s session gave our owners easy to use insights and concrete steps that could be used immediately in our studios. In each session we observed “Light Bulbs” going off in our franchisee’s heads and the best aspect of the session was the owners discussing how they cannot wait to return home and begin implementing these techniques. The ultimate compliment was given when one of our Area Directors had Julie fly out and teach the class to his entire territory. I wholeheartedly recommend Julie, and her workshops for any organization looking for a new and exciting way to jumpstart their sales programs.
Kyle Gjersee, SVP, Fitness Together Franchise Group/Elements Massage

“Unlike many sales speakers Julie spent a significant amount of time getting to know our company so that when she spoke the attendees recognized immediately that she was presenting a series of ideas which were relevant to our industry and company.   Her message was very timely, well researched and prepared and very well delivered.  We would use Julie again and intend to put together some national webinars with her in the coming months to follow up on the content that was presented in Chicago. ”
Joe Costello, President EPS Settlements

“Julie brings a whole new approach to sales training by incorporating the latest in acting techniques into the “Art” of the Sale.”
Jackie Purmort, Director of Corporate Support, Colorado Public Radio

“The part that makes her training so impactful is the prework that she does to really get a thorough understanding of our business by immersing herself into our business as well as extensive interviews with our top reps. As a result, she speaks our language and personalizes every training session that we push out. The best part of any training sessions that we have had with her is the amount of real world scenarios that she uses from her past and injects humor, which is exactly how adults learn. Her laughter is infectious during her training as well as the engagement that she keeps the group at.”
Larry Doiron, Director of Sales Training, Oasis Outsourcing

“What I took from her presentation was amazing, she helped me see things in an entirely different light. I had some sort of pre-conceived notion of how I was expected to mold into this sales person and leave my true personality at the door. My superiors told me put some more you in it, be yourself, but I guess seeing things from a new angle did the trick. I feel more in my skin than ever and I look forward to putting the skills she shared with me to work. Thank you very much Julie!”
Samantha Hanson, Business Consultant, The Work Connection

“Julie’s coaching has sharpened my presentation skills, and that is critical in this competitive ad sales environment. Effective communication is key for everything from getting your foot in the door to building rapport and closing the sale. This is best investment that I’ve made for my professional development by far.”
Madelyn Dellere, Senior Account Executive, Fox Television

“I present to clients on the phone and virtually.  Julie has transformed the way I communicate with our clients and connect them to the solutions we’re providing, which can be more difficult when not face to face. Her guidance and suggestions are insightful and practical, and she immediately put me at ease during role-play. I feel much more confident and comfortable in my presentations, and my clients and my boss have commented on the difference! Julie’s coaching will give you the expert advice and support you need to communicate successfully in business today. Everybody deserves a Julie Hansen in their corner!
Hilary Johnson, KLA & Assoc.

“Julie brought a new energy and awareness to our office. She has a charm in front of a group which puts the group at ease and ready to learn from Julie’s expertise. We all know that acting is a vital part of all that we do, even if we are unaware of it, and this type of presentation was very valuable for my sales force not only in their careers but in their lives in general.”
Jill Croteau, Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

“Julie’s sales training program is unique, enlivening and effective! She helped our team find creative new solutions to the unique challenges that we face. I greatly benefited from Julie’s program — after our first session I was able to identify sales challenges and turn them into new and actionable strengths.
Roberta Cedillo, Senior Underwriting Associate, Colorado Public Radio

Seabiscuit: A Client’s Story:

“Seabiscuit was a champion thoroughbred racehorse in the United States. It was when his last trainer and jockey saw the potential he had that he really reached his potential. It was during one of his races when he was completely jammed up in a group that the jockey leaned forward said, “Now Seabiscuit, now.” With that, he jolted out of the pack and left everyone far behind as he crossed the finish line. With that said, everyone one of us has a part of Seabiscuit inside of us, waiting to use all of the talents and gifts that we were given to our fullest potential, just needing the right nudge, coaching or training.

Julie has the traits of a Seabiscuit in the way she presents herself as well as develops sales professionals. I consider it a privilege and an honor to have come across her path in life and look forward to working with Julie long into our careers.”

Larry Doiron, Director of Sales Training, Oasis Outsourcing


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