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The 2 Secret Sales Weapons You Already Have (and aren’t using!)

Secret weapons

Question:  Two actors are auditioning for one role.  Both are equally qualified and both read from the same script. Yet only one actor wins the role while the other goes home empty handed. Why? Answer:  You may have answered something like:  “the winning actor brought personality to the role, he had charisma, he made the audience feel the lines.”  But whatever your answer was, I bet it didn’t have anything to do with the words he used! This is not unlike what happens in a sales presentation or demo. Many vendor presentations use the same words and even scripts as their competitors.  Things get blurry for our customers — especially as differences between products and services get smaller and buying cycles lengthen.  So while a well-crafted message is a critical component of your presentation, don’t rely on your content to do all the heavy lifting by overlooking the tools right Read More

New Persuasion Techniques Borrowed from the Courtroom

Courtroom Trial - does your presentation close or simply come to an end?

Lawyers are always on the lookout for new techniques to help them persuade a judge or jury to side with their case. Not surprisingly they’ve found that the most effective techniques are 1) making a strong argument for your case and 2) being seen as a credible source. But recent research on the subject of persuasion reveals some surprising new ways that lawyers can improve their ability to persuade – and hence, how you can be more persuasive in your presentation or demo. 4  Persuasion Techniques Borrowed from the Courtroom for Use in Your Presentation or Demo: Eliminate hesitant or vague language from your delivery. The “ah’s, umms, and errs” not only make it harder for people to pay attention to you, but it turns out, it makes you less persuasive.  Then there are the “maybes, sort of’s, some’s, and a lots” which convey uncertainty.  Eliminate the filler words by Read More

5 Tips for Commanding the Sales Stage

Performer on stage - commanding the sales stage

In order to grab and hold your prospects’ attention and get buy-in into the vision you are presenting for them with your sales presentation, you must inhabit your sales stage – whether it’s a an actual stage or a corner of a business office — with the complete conviction and confidence of a great performer.  How do you do that day after day, prospect after prospect?  You can learn to deliver an effective and compelling sales presentation each time by following these tips from performers on taking command of the sales stage: Tip #1: Banish self-consciousness. Self-consciousness often results in distracting movement that pulls the audience out of the performance. Doing some sales warm-up exercises will help to loosen up and channel some of that nervous energy into a positive force. ( Download your  free warm-up here.)  In addition, focusing on your purpose—to communicate your message in a way that affects your Read More


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