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How to deliver a successful presentation when your prospect is short on time.

What to do when your prospect is short on time

You’ve been given ninety minutes to present and spent two  weeks (and countless hours) preparing to deliver a successful presentation.  Unfortunately, when you arrive, your prospect greets you with the following: Prospect: “Sorry, I’ve only got a few minutes. Can you just give me a quick overview?” Aargh! Disappointing to say the least. Everything rides on your next step when your prospect cuts down the time you need to deliver a well-thought out sales presentation. Unfortunately, the knee jerk reaction of most salespeople is to go along with the request, racing through the presentation like an over-caffeinated auctioneer, dismissing slides right and left and giving short service to value messages. Resist the urge to rush. Here’s why: Rushing through your presentation is dangerous and counter-productive. People retain very little when it’s delivered at them from a fire hose. Audience interaction is completely tossed aside in the interest of time, and Read More


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