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5 Winning Strategies for the Marathon of Presentations (4+ hours)

Marathon of presentations

Are you among the hearty group of elite presenters that spends anywhere from 4 hours to several days delivering a presentation or demonstrating a solution to prospects?  If so, you my friend are competing in the marathon of presentations – and my hat is off to you! Full day and even multiple day presentations are not uncommon in certain industries, particularly software and technology.  And while some people might think a full day presentation is as simple as stringing together several shorter presentations and chugging plenty of Red Bull, the truth is that the marathon of presentations presents some unique challenges for presenters. (FYI: While the last place runner in the women’s marathon in Rio clocked in at just over 3.5 hours (slow poke!), I consider any sales presentations or product demos over 4 hours to qualify for the marathon of presentations.) The Challenges of Longer Presentations: *Using More Brain Read More

Lessons on teamwork from Team USA Soccer Champions

Business people celebrating Soccer

Team USA dominated the FIFA World Cup Soccer Championship and showed us what truly great teamwork looks like by making it possible for captain Carli Lloyd to score three out of the five winning goals. Team USA made it look easy, but like most winning team efforts, it involved tireless practice, clearly defined roles, a shared vision, and a strong game plan. “We executed the game plan and we got it done.” Carli Lloyd, Team USA Captain While you may not be competing for a world championship, team presentations often mean big dollars at stake as well as a significant investment of time and company resources. In order to win, it’s critical that like Team USA, your team has a clear game plan and comes across as a well-cast ensemble with consistent messaging and seamless transitions. After all, the way you interact together as a team gives your prospect a preview of what it will Read More

Winning Team Presentations. Part 1: Planning

Successful business team at work.

With big dollars at stake and a significant investment of time and resources, it’s critical that you come across as a well-cast ensemble with consistent messaging, seamless interaction, and good chemistry during your team presentation. The way you interact together as a team gives your prospect an indication of what it will be like to work with your company. Sloppy transitions, disconnected messages, and discord among team members can make your prospect feel more like they’re working with a dysfunctional family than a valued business partner! How to plan a winning team presentation You want your presentation to come across as a cohesive message – not several disparate parts strung together, but team members are often spread across the country, involved in other projects, and have varying levels of knowledge, skill, and motivation. How can you ensure you’re all on the same page? How do you communicate effectively as a Read More


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