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5 Winning Strategies for the Marathon of Presentations (4+ hours)

Marathon of presentations

Are you among the hearty group of elite presenters that spends anywhere from 4 hours to several days delivering a presentation or demonstrating a solution to prospects?  If so, you my friend are competing in the marathon of presentations – and my hat is off to you! Full day and even multiple day presentations are not uncommon in certain industries, particularly software and technology.  And while some people might think a full day presentation is as simple as stringing together several shorter presentations and chugging plenty of Red Bull, the truth is that the marathon of presentations presents some unique challenges for presenters. (FYI: While the last place runner in the women’s marathon in Rio clocked in at just over 3.5 hours (slow poke!), I consider any sales presentations or product demos over 4 hours to qualify for the marathon of presentations.) The Challenges of Longer Presentations: *Using More Brain Read More


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