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Fallon’s 4 Fantastic Sales Tips

Jimmy Fallon - Fallon's 4 Fantastic Sales Tips

I love Jimmy Fallon’s monologue. It’s clever and topical. It’s short and interactive. It’s everything a sales monologue in a presentation is not. To be fair, delivering a monologue is exceptionally difficult — even for the pros. It’s always easier for performers to interact with another actor in a scene or for a television host to interview a guest, than to stand up and talk directly to an audience solo for four to five minutes. Too many salespeople approach their sales presentation as a series of long monologues to get through – without understanding what it takes to keep an audience’s attention during that time. How often in your personal life do you stop and allow someone to speak to you for five or ten minutes straight without some type of response or interaction? Unless you’re taking a class or being “told off”, probably not often. Yet, that’s exactly what Read More


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