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Sales Presentation Fails…and Fixes. Plus Free Webinar!

Sales Presentation Skills

You’ve probably seen your share of Epic Fails – misprinted signs that lead to confusion, bridges that lead to nowhere, questionable clothing or parenting decisions. They’re fails because even if intentions are good, the outcome is disastrous. 5 minutes to Storytelling Sales Success Presentation fails are those unwitting mistakes or poor decisions that damage their credibility, distract from their message, and ultimately can cost them the sale. As a Sales Presentation Coach, I’ve had a front row seat to some amazingly good…and bad presentations. I’m going to be sharing the 7 most common Presentation Fails in my upcoming webinar on May 12th, but I’m going to give you a “sneak peek” here with one of the most EPIC FAILS I see salespeople making in presentations and demos. Ready? See if you can figure out what the Fail is, from this very typical opening monologue: “OK, looks like everybody’s here so Read More


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