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New Persuasion Techniques Borrowed from the Courtroom

Courtroom Trial - does your presentation close or simply come to an end?

Lawyers are always on the lookout for new techniques to help them persuade a judge or jury to side with their case. Not surprisingly they’ve found that the most effective techniques are 1) making a strong argument for your case and 2) being seen as a credible source. But recent research on the subject of persuasion reveals some surprising new ways that lawyers can improve their ability to persuade – and hence, how you can be more persuasive in your presentation or demo. 4  Persuasion Techniques Borrowed from the Courtroom for Use in Your Presentation or Demo: Eliminate hesitant or vague language from your delivery. The “ah’s, umms, and errs” not only make it harder for people to pay attention to you, but it turns out, it makes you less persuasive.  Then there are the “maybes, sort of’s, some’s, and a lots” which convey uncertainty.  Eliminate the filler words by Read More


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