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Are You an Intentional Salesperson? Leveraging the Power of Intention in Your Presentation

Be an Intentional Presenter

Part of my process before working with sales teams to help  improve the win rate of their sales calls or presentations, is to talk with sales managers about where they see room for improvement. I frequently hear comments like these: “Our salespeople know the product, they say all the right words, but they’re just not connecting with prospects on their calls.” “They’re smart and passionate about the solution, but it’s not coming across in their presentation.” In my experience, a flat or unenthusiastic presentation is rarely due to a lack of passion.  More often it’s due to a lack of understanding that being an effective presenter requires more than just “feeling it.”  It requires making sure those feelings are transferred to your audience, in other words, being intentional. What is an Intentional Salesperson?  An intentional salesperson  understands that words are just part of how we communicate to others.  In addition Read More


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