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“Why are you wasting my life?!” A wake-up call for Salespeople from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO Amazon.com

“Why are you wasting my life?” Can you imagine a client saying that to you after you delivered (what you thought) was a pretty good, on target presentation?? Jeff Bezos did exactly that after one of his engineers delivered a complicated, boring presentation to the outspoken founder of Amazon. I don’t know if that engineer still has a job at Amazon, but one thing I do know: if that were an outside salesperson, he or she would have left without a sale – and not even qualified for free shipping! While it’s rare that clients express themselves quite so bluntly after a sales presentation that misses the mark, I am sure there are times when they have wanted to stand up and join Jeff in demanding, “Why are you wasting my life?!” As a salesperson, you can’t afford to waste a moment of your client’s time or let the seeds Read More


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