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5 things you must do in your discovery process

Business man and discovery - 5 things you must do in your discovery process

When the competition is stiff, preparation — and discovery in particular — plays a critical role in the ultimate success of your presentation. While much information about a company can be found on-line, the best source of information and greatest payoff potential comes from having a conversation with key people within your prospect’s company. Ask for a discovery conversation. So go ahead and ask. It’s a reasonable request to ask for input from those within your prospect’s company who can shed light on the situation. It benefits not only you, but also the prospect. After all, gaining a better understanding of their needs shortens your presentation time by allowing you to provide a more accurate and precise recommendation and get to the point quicker. In a competitive market it’s unlikely that you will be the only one asking your prospect questions to prepare for your presentation. How can you set Read More


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