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What’s Your Drop the Mic Moment in Your Presentation?

Obama drop the mic

Good presenters have a clear central point.  Great presenters make that point in a compelling and memorable way.  In other words, they have a Drop the Mic Moment. Too often I see salespeople bury a profound statement in a load of information, rush too quickly into their next point, or worse, over-explain what they just said, diluting the impact of their message all together. In case you’re unfamiliar with the millions of drop the mic memes, the phrase typically refers to a bold gesture of confidence by a politician or performer from Obama to Kanye, after delivering a great performance or impressive argument or even insult. (For fun, check out the Late Late Show host James Corden and his Drop the Mic rap challenge.)  When a performer drops the mic, it confirms in the audience’s mind that they’ve just experienced something noteworthy.  Something worth remembering. As buying cycles get longer Read More


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