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Can you handle the truth? A sales lesson from actors on taking feedback

Hardly anyone likes being told that the way they’re doing something isn’t working.  For salespeople and performers alike, there’s a certain vulnerability that comes with stepping into the spotlight and taking feedback.  Feedback can feel like a personal attack if not handled properly, but just like any other competitive performance, there is rarely improvement without it. As a presentation coach, I honor the courage that it takes for each salesperson to put themselves out there when I give feedback.  But taking feedback is only half the equation.  It’s how salespeople handle that feedback that ultimately determines their success. Two Ways Not to Take Feedback I’ve noticed that salespeople who struggle with taking feedback fall into one of two camps.  The first explain (often in great detail) why they made a certain choice, what they were taught or read, or what they meant to do and why it should be working. The Read More


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