Storytelling for Sales 

A highly-interactive Sales Keynote or Breakout Session

Fact: Stories can drive sales, but sellers frequently avoid using them because they have questions:  “When should I tell a story?  What type of story is most effective?  How do I find the right story for my customer?”

In this highly interactive and tactical program, Julie Hansen demystifies the “magic” behind storytelling and breaks down the barriers that keep sellers from using this valuable selling tool.

In Storytelling for Sales Workshops, Breakouts and Keynotes, participants learn when to tell a story, what types of stories are most effective, how to build a story that crates emotion and action, and how to deliver it in a compelling way.  Everyone leaves with a story crafted for a real customer.

Key Takeaways: 

  • 5 Types of Sales Stories and when to use them
  • A Proven Model for building a purposeful Sales Story
  • The Ability to Connect a Story to a Real Customer
  • Tools for Making a Story Compelling
  • A Ready-to-Go Sales Story when they leave
  • Present with confidence and authenticity to any audience

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