Traditional Sales Role-Play Sucks.

Traditional sales role-play embodies every actor’s nightmare of stepping into the spotlight without knowing their lines or even what the play is about.  High expectations and vague circumstances (Ok, Alice you’re the salesperson, Ken, you’re the customer…Go!) set reps up for failure – and it all takes place in front of the chief critic (manager) and their peers.

Anxiety is high and learning is low. Reps focus on regurgitating back information that is expected of them.  The result is a performance that rarely resembles the salesperson on an actual sales call.  So what are reps learning with traditional sales role-play?  How much they hate role-play!

Introducing Rehearsal-based Sales Role-Play

Role-play originated in the theater as a tool for actors to internalize their lines and develop their role — without fear of judgment.

By adopting some key principles from the theater reps learn not just how to repeat the company line, but how to internalize their knowledge and adapt it to specific situations while honing new skills and behaviors.

Applying some key principles from the theater to sales role-play provides dramatic and immediate improvement in a reps ability to confidently exhibit new behaviors in the real world.


  • It starts with participants learning techniques for “getting into role” so they can confidently engage in authentic conversations.
  • Then, like great actors, participants learn to internalize their words, hone their own style and leverage key nonverbal skills to communicate at their very best.
  • Taking a cue great directors, reps receive  “just-in-time-feedback” during role-play to reinforce actual behavioral change

With multiple opportunities to rehearse customer conversations, receive individual feedback and make immediate changes, your team will be ready to shine when it’s their turn in the spotlight!


Theatrically-inspired Sale Role-Play is available as a stand alone workshop or can be adapted to fit into your sales meeting or training event.

We work with you to achieve your goals and objectives and align with your messaging and methodology.

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Results you can expect:

  • Improved customer ATTENTION and ENGAGEMENT
  • Deepened EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with customers
  • Enhanced CREDIBILITY
  • Greater message “STICKINESS”
  • Increased CLOSE RATIO

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