Performance-Powered Sales Presentations 

A workshop that combines proven skills from acting and improv with best practices from business for a winning sales presentation, conversation or demonstration.

Based on Julie Hansen’s  ground-breaking book, ACT Like a Sales Pro! How to Command the Business Stage and Dramatically Increase Sales with Proven Acting Techniques. 


Meeting with a prospect is like an audition with each actor reading from the same script.   It’s difficult for prospect’s to differentiate between vendors.  To win the role, an actor must stand out, deliver his message in a memorable way and help the director visualize him in the role.  By using proven performance techniques, your sales team will learn how to stand out and deliver a persuasive message that wins them a role in their prospect’s business.

Learn to:

  • Create an Oscar-worthy opening that engages busy prospects
  • Drive home key messages with simple staging and props
  • Maintain interaction with your audience to maximize attention
  • Develop powerful vocal skills
  • Increase personal presence
  • Turn a monologue into an engaging dialogue
  • Connect emotionally with prospects
  • Leverage the power of TEDTalk-style storytelling to soften resistance
  • Present with confidence and authenticity to any audience


Participants work with acting for sales expert, Julie Hansen to apply proven acting and improv techniques to a real prospect opportunity.  Each student is given ample “stage time” to learn and internalize new behaviors and receive feedback. Participants engage in a directed role-play and receive Director’s Notes for coaching and improvement as well as video of their performance.  A follow-up program reinforces learning and tackles new challenges as they come up in the field.


  • Limited to 12 participants to maximize participation
  • 1 or 1.5 day live session plus 3 virtual sessions
  • Final presentations delivered in a simulated business environment
  • Director Notes, feedback and individual coaching provided
  • Participants receive a copy of ACT Like a Sales Pro!
  • Follow-up action plan, webinars and emails for reinforcing new skills

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An excellent foundation for new presenters that also challenges experienced sales pros to break through to the next level of success.

What you can expect from attending one of our Workshops:

  • Greater CONFIDENCE and AUTHENTICITY in presentations and demonstrations
  • Improved audience ATTENTION and ENGAGEMENT
  • Deepened EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with customers
  • Enhanced CREDIBILITY
  • Greater message “STICKINESS”
  • Increased CLOSE RATIO

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Performance Sales and Training: Persuasive Presentation Skills to meet the challenges of today’s B2B Sales Environment