Executive Presence in Sales 

“I’ve never been given such useful tools and exercises to bring power to my words.”
Sales leader in Technology, Workshop attendee

Presence – the ability to captivate and influence a desired audience, is critical in sales – whether pitching to clients, presenting internally or advancing in your career.  If you’re ready to unleash your Executive Presence, we can help.

Learn to Influence with Confidence, Credibility, and Clarity

This hands-on Workshop provides Women in Sales with the tools, practice and individual feedback they need to develop their Executive Presence and Influence.  Participants receive multiple opportunities to practice more effective communication skills and receive the on-the-spot coaching necessary to produce change.

“I found the final presentation and getting to practice multiple times with feedback incredibly helpful. ”  Erica M. Sales Manager, Technology

In addition to co-ed Workshops, we also provide a Workshop exclusively for Women in Sales and Leadership to learn and network with other women in a variety of industries. 

Participants develop their presence and influence by leveraging key principles of performance, science and sales.  Participants leave prepared to successfully navigate a variety of business situations .

“I loved the supportive atmosphere coupled with helpful, constructive criticism.  This stuff is so important for women and developing us into leaders.”  Christina BDR Mgr

Contact us for more details

Contact us for more details

Learning Objectives:

  • Exhibit greater presence and influence in conversations, presentations and meetings
  • Establish credibility with your audience
  • Enhance your natural speaking voice to support your message
  • Move purposefully with ease
  • Adapt your delivery for virtual audiences
  • Gain audience buy-in from small or large groups
  • Develop and close more sales opportunities
  • Learn skills and identify strengths for future leadership

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