Harness the Power of Emotion and Engagement in your Demo!

Establishing good demo mechanics is important, but it’s not the whole picture.  In fact, it’s likely your competition has good demo mechanics as well.  Traditional demo skills training leaves out a critical piece: the large role that emotions play in influencing your buyer’s decision.

How successful is your team at creating an emotional connection with a buyer and keeping them engaged during the demo? (Take the quiz on the right to find out)

Successful presales professionals today need to be able to deliver demos that connect both logically AND emotionally with buyers.  Strong DemoEQ skills, like empathy, self-awareness, and relationship management are necessary to help buyers make major buying decisions like software purchases.

DemoEQ  helps Presales Teams connect with buyers and leverage the power of emotion and engagement to tell your technical story in a compelling and memorable way that differentiates your solution and builds buyer excitement.

In DemoEQ Workshops, participants learn how to: 

  • Create a conversational demo
  • Gain and maintain audience attention during a demo
  • Establish an emotional connection with the audience
  • Deliver a compelling story
  • Leverage voice, body and stage to create a memorable experience
  • Ask purposeful questions
  • Increase win rates!

Available in 1 day and 1.5 day formats.

This session is fantastic as a follow-up to demo methodology training, like Great Demo! or as a stand-alone workshop.

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QUIZ:   How is your DemoEQ?

I/Our Presales Team…

  1. Makes the demo more of a conversation than a monologue
  2. Leverages the power of storytelling to create interest and urgency
  3. Uses voice and physical presence to enhance our technical story
  4. Asks purposeful questions throughout the demo
  5. Quickly and appropriately reads and responds to buyer cues

One or more False answers? Improving your DemoEQ can be the difference between “no decision” and a closed deal.  Learn more about how successful teams are using DemoEQ Skills Training below:

What Presales Teams are saying about our Workshops:

“What a great training event!! Everyone was engaged during your sessions and the breakouts were so productive because of that. Thank you very much. ” Terry Reddington, Manager, Solutions Consulting Blackline

“Your delivery was relevant and possibly the best presentation skill session I’ve had in my career. I wish I’d met you years ago.”  Svetlana, Solutions Consultant


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