Say “Hello” to Conversational Presentations!

The majority of sales people today are in front of customers in less formal circumstances, whether it’s a doctor’s office or waiting room, across the table from a prospect, or via webcam.  You may prefer to call these more informal customer-facing events conversations – a two-way exchange in a typically non-linear fashion.  However, if you aren’t prepared to talk about a solution in an engaging and memorable way at some point in the conversation, you are not likely to drive the opportunity forward.

If you desire results from your conversations you can benefit from applying presentation skills, preparation and mindset.  We offer workshops that combine proven skills that create engaging conversations with best practices from presentations that drive sales forward. 

Learn to:

  • Plan and prepare for a successful conversational presentation
  • Turn a monologue into an engaging dialogue
  • Master a non-linear presentation strategy
  • Manage time and objectives while maintaining customer interaction
  • Easily transition between topics while establishing value
  • Utilize props (slides, mobile devices, whiteboards, etc) to increase message retention and engagement
  • Connect emotionally with prospects
  • Present with confidence and authenticity to any audience


Participants learn how to plan and engage in a non-linear conversational presentation by working on a real prospect opportunity.  Through a series of exercises, participants practice and internalize new behaviors for greater confidence and adaption. Participants role-play their conversational presentation and receive Director’s Notes for coaching and improvement as well as video of their performance.


  • Limited to 12 participants to maximize participation
  • 1 or 1.5 day live session plus virtual sessions
  • Final presentations delivered in a simulated business environment
  • Director Notes, feedback and individual coaching provided
  • Follow-up action plan, webinars and emails for reinforcing new skills

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An excellent foundation for new presenters that also challenges experienced sales pros to break through to the next level of success.

What you can expect from attending one of our Workshops:

  • Greater CONFIDENCE and AUTHENTICITY in conversations, presentations, and demonstrations
  • Improved audience ATTENTION and ENGAGEMENT
  • Deepened EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with customers
  • Enhanced CREDIBILITY
  • Greater message “STICKINESS”
  • Increased CLOSE RATIO

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