Virtual Excellence Communication Skills Workshops

A new medium requires new skills 

With a new layer of technology to manage, a camera that reads things differently, a customer you can barely see (if at all), and distractions galore, communicating the same way you did in person is destined to fail.  Like an actor going from stage to screen, you must adapt your style, your content, and your mindset to succeed in a virtual world.

Our workshops provide the specialized skills to help sellers adapt and excel virtually, whether meeting with buyers, delivering presentations or demos, or collaborating with team members.

Selling On Video:
Connect, Collaborate and Close on Video

No one is born with the ability to hold a conversation with a black dot, while trying to read body language and connect with another person.  Many sellers revert to what feels “natural” or worked for them in person. Unfortunately, what feels natural often reads as “distinterested” or unprepared to your buyer – leaving the door wide open for your competition.

This unique Workshop combines the original Selling On Video Master Class video sessions with a live virtual training element to help sellers learn, practice, and receive feedback on the skill set they need to build meaningful relationships and drive virtual sales!

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Present like a Virtual Sales Pro!
Turn passive audiences into engaged participants

People are more passive on video and zooming from meeting to meeting.  How do you make sure that your presentation or demo is remembered – and acted upon — after you sign off?  Sellers must build and deliver their presentations with the new realities and demands of virtual buyers in mind.

In this Workshop, Sellers learn the proven tactics necessary to keep virtual audience’s engaged, seamlessly manage multiple tasks, all while maintaining a strong connection with their audience.

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Executive Virtual Presence
Increase your influence in a virtual world

Executive Presence – the ability to have effective, impactful communications with executives, key stakeholders, or team members – is a critical differentiator in a competitive market. A lack of executive presence is magnified on video, and even those who demonstrated executive presence in person, are realizing EP doesn’t automatically transfer to a virtual environment.

In this Workshop, participants gain awareness into their own strengths and learn how to elevate their Virtual Screen Presence and natural communication for greater influence and credibility in virtual meetings and conversations.

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Great Demo Skills Training

A great product demo can do more than just keep you from losing ground; it can move your sale forward, shorten your sales cycle, and increase your closing ratio. Unfortunately many demos are poorly executed, delivered at the wrong point in the sales cycle, not tailored to the prospect, or a loosely strung together list of features.

The Great Demo! Workshop arms your sales or pre-sales team with the critical skills they need to create a compelling story,  tailor it to a real opportunity, and deliver it in a memorable way that drives the sale forward.


Performance Sales and Training: Persuasive Presentation Skills to meet the challenges of today’s B2B Sales Environment