Executive Presentations and Presence Coaching

When you need to communicate with greater confidence, presence and influence in a variety of high-stakes scenarios, whether it’s motivating the team, selling a client, presenting to the board, or appearing on camera.

Poise, Presence, and Persuasion

To be an effective leader you must be able to speak articulately on your feet, project confidence, and get results.  The Three P’s:   Poise, Presence, and Persuasion.

Poise – You want to be able to deliver the right words at the right time  with confidence.  But this doesn’t come naturally for most people – even executives.  It’s not unusual for leaders to lose confidence when thrown into a new situation, i.e. speaking at a large industry conference or being interviewed.  We teach proven techniques that will improve your confidence and ability to respond at your best under all types of circumstances.

Presence – The ability to light up a stage and draw people in is critical if you want your message to impact your audience.  Everyone has some presence, but do you have enough to engage one person? Twenty?  How about a conference of two-hundred?  How long can you keep an audience engaged?  Does your presence shine through on-camera?  Our proven performance-based techniques help you build on your natural presence and keep any audience on the edge of their seat.

Persuasion –  Without the ability to influence others you can not be an effective leader.  But every situation is different.  Influencing a room full of industry executives is different than one of your direct reports.  Speaking on-camera to an important client is different that talking in-person.  Knowing how to adjust your message and delivery for your audience and your medium – while maintaining your authenticity – is vital for your success in a dynamic environment.


You’ll work one-on-one or in a small group with presentation expert Julie Hansen, an actor, communications coach and the author of Sales Presentations for Dummies and ACT Like a Sales Pro: How to Command the Business Stage

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Learn How To:

  • Exhibit greater confidence in conversations, presentations and meetings
  • Quickly build credibility with your audience
  • Enhance your natural speaking voice to support your message
  • Move purposefully with ease
  • Leverage powerful storytelling techniques
  • Adapt your delivery for the stage or virtual audiences
  • Gain audience buy-in from small or large groups
  • Channel your nerves into positive energy

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What Executives are Saying…

“As an experienced presenter, Julie helped me pull out the most impactful points of my message and turn them into a compelling and engrossing story, which I was able to deliver with greater confidence and energy.   I would recommend Julie’s presentation coaching to anyone who has a high-stakes presentation or simply needs to up their game in a competitive market.”  Laurie Page, Managing Partner, The Bridge Group, Inc. 

“Julie’s coaching has sharpened my presentation skills, and that is critical in this competitive ad sales environment. Effective communication is key for everything from getting your foot in the door to building rapport and closing the sale. This is best investment that I’ve made for my professional development by far.” Madelyn Dellere, Senior Account Executive, Fox Television


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