Does your team dread Interview Presentations?img2

Tired of coming in SECOND after hours of proposal preparation?

Concerned your team lacks the ability and CONFIDENCE to connect with an audience?

Struggling to retain audience ATTENTION and ENGAGEMENT during your interview?

Interview Presentations are one of the most difficult types of presentations to perform well.  Don’t go it alone.  Find solutions in this Free Excerpt from my book “Sales Presentations for Dummies:

Download: ”Tips for Winning Interview Presentations”

Interview Presentation Skills Training:  Winning presentation skills

Looking for training that will prepare your team  to shine when it’s their turn in the spotlight?

We provide a unique,  hands-on workshop that gives your team the tools and practice necessary to develop a winning mindset and display confidence and credibility in any interview presentation. Team members learn three unique formulas for easily answering questions in an authentic and memorable way that inspires prospects to move forward. Team members test drive new skills through interview-style role-play, exercises and individual coaching and receive a support kit for convenient reference.

Key Benefits:

Give your team the skills necessary to stand out in today’s competitive economy, drive home a compelling message, and instill confidence in your team’s ability to deliver winning results.

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