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5 Buyer Trends You Must Adjust for in Your Sales Presentation

Netflix and Hulu Presentation trends

Remember scouring the aisles on a Friday night at your local Blockbuster looking for a good video for the weekend? Your heart would leap after spotting the new release you’d been wanting to see, but excitement would quickly turn to disappointment when you picked up that empty case. How do you get your movies now? Certainly not from Blockbuster! Blockbuster misjudged the significance of a buyer trend that companies like Netflix embraced, i.e.,  customers demand for faster service, more choices and fewer penalties. Salespeople have had to adapt their selling process to many buyer trends over the past few decades, most notably social media and a steady stream of technological advances. However salespeople have been slow to adapt to 5 key buyer trends in their presentations.  But no longer. I’m joining forces with Prezi, the presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to improve your presentation, in a Read More

Sales Presentation Fails…and Fixes. Plus Free Webinar!

Sales Presentation Skills

You’ve probably seen your share of Epic Fails – misprinted signs that lead to confusion, bridges that lead to nowhere, questionable clothing or parenting decisions. They’re fails because even if intentions are good, the outcome is disastrous. 5 minutes to Storytelling Sales Success Presentation fails are those unwitting mistakes or poor decisions that damage their credibility, distract from their message, and ultimately can cost them the sale. As a Sales Presentation Coach, I’ve had a front row seat to some amazingly good…and bad presentations. I’m going to be sharing the 7 most common Presentation Fails in my upcoming webinar on May 12th, but I’m going to give you a “sneak peek” here with one of the most EPIC FAILS I see salespeople making in presentations and demos. Ready? See if you can figure out what the Fail is, from this very typical opening monologue: “OK, looks like everybody’s here so Read More


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