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A Wake-up Call for Presenters from The Ig Nobel Prize

Wake up call for presenters

Imagine being just two minutes into your presentation and someone in your audience announces, “Please stop, I’m bored.” This is precisely what happens each year at the Ig Nobel’s ceremony at Harvard.  This much-anticipated awards ceremony honors the most unusual achievements in science, medicine and technology.  2016 winners included a Japanese team whose study concluded that “things look different when viewed from between your legs,” and a German team who discovered that “if you have an itch on one side of your body, you can relieve it by looking into a mirror and scratching the opposite side of your body.” (I can’t wait to try this one out!) The Ig Nobel Prize is put on by the Annals of Improbable Research to spur curiosity and help people decide for themselves what’s important and what’s not.  A decision that audiences do all the time during any presentation. Like most things about Read More

Applying the KISS Principle to your presentation

KISS Principle

There’s a disturbing trend among many presenters to pack in as much information as possible in to a presentation or demo, especially as solutions get more complex and face time with prospects more condensed. While it seems like you may be maximizing your allotted time, the effects of too much information can be just as deadly as too little information.  Applying the KISS principle to your presentation (keep it simple stupid) is as important today as it’s ever been. Research shows that most people can remember about three things – and that may be pushing it. Like you, your prospect is bombarded with information on a daily basis.  In fact, the average adult receives about 3000 messages per day!  But of course you have more than three things you want to get across, so what’s the answer? Most presentations try to emphasize too many points, which often has the effect Read More

5 Buyer Trends You Must Adjust for in Your Sales Presentation

Netflix and Hulu Presentation trends

Remember scouring the aisles on a Friday night at your local Blockbuster looking for a good video for the weekend? Your heart would leap after spotting the new release you’d been wanting to see, but excitement would quickly turn to disappointment when you picked up that empty case. How do you get your movies now? Certainly not from Blockbuster! Blockbuster misjudged the significance of a buyer trend that companies like Netflix embraced, i.e.,  customers demand for faster service, more choices and fewer penalties. Salespeople have had to adapt their selling process to many buyer trends over the past few decades, most notably social media and a steady stream of technological advances. However salespeople have been slow to adapt to 5 key buyer trends in their presentations.  But no longer. I’m joining forces with Prezi, the presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to improve your presentation, in a Read More


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