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Don’t get blind-sided! 5 common objections in your presentation you must prepare for

Blind sided

No matter how prepared you think you are for your presentation, objections can – and will – come up.  Perhaps you missed something in your discovery, the prospect’s circumstances have changed, or new people are involved.  While it’s impossible to prepare for every potential objection, the overwhelming majority of objections you will get during your presentation will fall into one of 5 common categories. Preparing for these 5 common objections in your presentation can keep you from being blind-sided and increase your success rate. 5 Common Objections in your presentation Price This common objection comes in a variety of forms: “You’re too expensive,” “We don’t have room in the budget,” or “Your competitor is cheaper.” Regardless of the packaging, this objection appears on the surface to be all about price. And if you’re competing on price, you have made yourself a commodity. The antidote to competing on price is establishing Read More


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