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What the heck am I looking at?! A Forgotten Software Demo Best Practice

As a demo and presentation skills coach, I have seen more than my fair share of software demos – along with their associated screens, tabs, search bars, drop downs, notifications and text fields.  Some screens are so busy Lewis and Clark armed with a GPS would get lost!  But even simpler interfaces often beg the question: “What the heck am I looking at?” in a seller’s haste to show how much their software can do in the allotted time. The software demo best practice of quickly conveying tor your audience what they are seeing (and why it matters) is going the way of the Dodo, and that’s a costly mistake.  Here’s why: Like me, it is likely that your customer has never seen your software before.  And the way you introduce a screen will significantly impact two key factors in moving the deal forward:  your customer’s attention and their ability Read More

Flip your Demo – Improve Your Win Rate

Flip your demo

 How long before you get to the “big reveal” in a customer demo?  10 minutes…20 minutes…an hour? Turns out, that’s too late! If you’re not starting with the end result in those critical first few minutes of your demo, it may be costing you the deal.  In other words, you need to Flip your Demo! In fact, in’s recent analysis of 67,000+ SAAS demos, they found that “Following a linear path or going through a series of workflows before getting to the end result is an unsuccessful approach.” Why the traditional linear demo is ineffective: Think about how traditional demos typically start.  The salesperson walks through a few PowerPoint slides that talk about his company, their customers, the problems they solve and the solutions they provide. Then there is an agenda outlining what will be demonstrated.  And finally, the salesperson gets to the demo, logs on and proceeds to Read More

Demotainment is Not a Dirty Word! 5 Ways to Make your Demo More Entertaining


 I just sat through another deadly serious – and seriously boring – demo.  When I suggested some ways to make the demo more engaging for his audience, the SE bristled and replied, “I don’t believe in demotainment.” Demotainment, which Urban Dictionary defines as “the demonstration of a thing in an entertaining way,” has gotten a bad rap in the past.  Sure, some overzealous presenters have done everything but tap dance through their demo in an effort to stand out, or worse, mask their product’s deficiencies. But the concept of demonstrating in an entertaining way shouldn’t be thrown out entirely.  In fact, in a time where competition is fierce and capturing a prospect’s attention is more challenging than ever, entertainment can be a very effective tool.  After all, consider what entertainment means: Entertainment, def: “To hold the attention of” Buyers are not the deadly serious lot some may imagine. They are people Read More

87,000 choices at Starbucks…and 1 Demo? 3 Simple Ways to Tailor your Demo


You can now walk into a Starbucks and order any one of 87,000 drink combinations and the barista won’t bat an eye (although I have seen a few eye rolls…) If customers expect that level of customization from a five dollar investment, imagine what they expect when investing thousands of dollars in a solution? Yet surprisingly in this era of customized experiences, most product demos still vary little from customer to customer.  This may have been acceptable in decades past.  But as the sheer number of demos that customers are exposed to grows, the bar continues to rise.  A canned demo is evident to all who see it — and about as memorable as what you had for lunch two weeks ago Tuesday. Even though your solution may address a common set of challenges, when you tailor your demo you make your prospect feel like your solution was designed just for Read More


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