Learn the Actor’s Secrets for Delivering a Winning Sales Presentation or Demo!

Act Like a Sales Pro - by Julie Hansen

 Learn how to:

A practical step-by-step guide full of unique strategies and examples from your favorite actors, comedians and the movies for gaining the performance advantage in presentations and throughout every stage of the sales cycle.

“ACT Like a Sales Pro! brilliantly blends acting and improv skills with sales tactics for a winning combination. Julie’s ideas are great fun, effective and easy to apply –even for non-actors like me! Follow the sales advice and exercises in this book and you’ll soon be outperforming and outselling your competition.” Dessie Fafoutis, Senior Marketing Manager, TerumoBCT

“There is an overwhelming volume of sales advice available today, however there are very few authors who approach the topic of sales in a unique and fresh way, which is why we are fans of Julie’s work.” Nicole Lombard, Director, Entrepreneur and ThinkSales Magazine, South Africa