The Missing Piece in your Virtual Sales Training

The near Herculean effort by many companies to arm their sales teams to conduct business 100% virtually should be applauded.  When in recent history have so many sales organizations been restructured so quickly?!

The missing piece in virtual sales training

Sales teams are rapidly being trained to adopt new tools, platforms, and messaging to succeed in a virtual world.  Yet there is one missing piece in virtual sales training vital to success in which sellers have been left woefully on their own to figure out, and that is this: how do they communicate and connect successfully on-camera?

I hear sales leaders say things like, “it just takes practice” when it comes to using the camera effectively.  Yet we all know that familiarity doesn’t automatically lead to expertise.  Practice the wrong things over and over and you’ve simply reinforced bad habits.

Talking and listening on-camera are not natural skills. The thousands of awkward, uncomfortable and ultimately unsuccessful virtual sales calls taking place right now are case in point.

New medium = new skills

Almost every actor who has transitioned successfully from live performance to film or television has received on-camera training.

Why do we expect our sales teams – with business or technical backgrounds – to be able to master on their own what professional performers require training on?!

By all means provide your team with the support they need on virtual platforms, tools and messaging.  But do not imagine for a moment that it can replace what virtual sales training specific to communicating effectively on-camera will accomplish, including how to:

  • Establish a strong relationship and make customers feel heard through a natural “gaze” and mirroring
  • Convey confidence, credibility and empathy through expression, intonation and body language
  • Increase engagement through energy and eye contact
  • Read body language without breaking eye contact
  • Minimize awkward “talking over” moments and transitions

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