A 1.5 day live workshop that helps sellers build and deliver persuasive presentations (formal or informal) that resonate with today’s busy decision-makers. Based on the book Sales Presentations for Dummies by Julie Hansen


Declining attention spans. Growing distractions. Increased competition. Oh my! Sales presentations today must do more than “inform” prospects.  “Sales Presentations that Sell” arms your sales team with the critical skills they need to create a compelling presentation, tailor it to a real opportunity, and deliver it in a memorable way that drives the sale forward.

Learn to:

  • Master a proven blockbuster formula for engaging your audience
  • Organize your presentation around value
  • Leverage the power of storytelling to connect and soften resistance
  • Use customer insights to make a compelling case for your solution
  • Build and deliver a “disruptive opening” that demands attention and adds value
  • Improve audience interaction and engagement
  • Learn what tools are winning the war for attention
  • Create urgency to act with a compelling closing


Participants learn a persuasive structure and compelling delivery skills proven to work with today’s audiences and apply it to a real prospect opportunity. Small class size provides ample stage time for each participant to learn and internalize new behaviors. Final exercise is a directed presentation role-play where participants receive Director’s Notes for coaching and improvement as well as video of their performance.


  • Limited to 12 participants to maximize participation
  • 1.5 day live  session plus 3 virtual sessions
  • Final presentations delivered in a simulated business environment
  • Director Notes, feedback and individual coaching provided
  • Follow-up action plan, webinars and emails for reinforcing new skills

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What you can expect from attending one of our Workshops:

  • Greater CONFIDENCE and AUTHENTICITY in presentations and demonstrations
  • Improved audience ATTENTION and ENGAGEMENT
  • Deepened EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with customers
  • Enhanced CREDIBILITY
  • Greater message “STICKINESS”
  • Increased CLOSE RATIO

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Performance Sales and Training: Persuasive Presentation Skills to meet the challenges of today’s B2B Sales Environment