Mobile Presentation Skills Mastery

A 1 day workshop that provides your sales team with a proven set of skills and techniques for delivering memorable mobile presentations and incorporating mobile devices into conversations to drive engagement and sales and maximize your mobile investment.


Tablets burst on the sales scene so quickly that few organizations have adopted critical strategies for maximizing their value in communicating with prospects.  Mobile presenting offers unique challenges, including non-linear presenting, maintaining control, and allowing customers to “drive.” Done well, mobile presentations can drive the sale forward, done poorly, they can confuse prospects and prolong, or cost you the sale.

Mobile Presentation Skills Mastery teaches your sales team the best practices, insights and strategies they need to engage in fluid presentations or conversations, showcase products and provide customers with real-time information on mobile while maintaining control of the sales process.

Learn to:

  • Master your mobile technology and apps
  • Prepare for non-linear presentations or conversations
  • Best practices for letting the customer “drive”
  • Maintaining control of the conversation
  • Accessing and sharing real-time information with customers
  • Leveraging your tablet toolbox for engagement
  • Smoothly adapting to the unexpected


Participants learn the fundamentals of non-linear presenting using the tablet as a tool to facilitate customer conversations and highlight value.  The instructor models best practices using your products and demonstrates Mobile Mistakes that can detract from a successful mobile presentation.

In teams, participants prepare, practice and present key segments of a real customer presentation or conversation on their mobile device and receive immediate feedback that can be used on the next sales call.


  • 1 day live session*
  • Final presentations delivered in a simulated business environment
  • Small workshop size to provide individual feedback and coaching *
  • Follow up webinars, email reminders and coaching available to help participants reinforce, polish new skills and apply to current sales opportunities.
  • Contact us for more details
  • * Ask about other workshop configurations and group sizes.

An excellent way to arm your sales reps with the the skills unique to facilitating customer conversations and presentations on their mobile devices.

What you can expect from attending one of our Workshops:

  • Greater CONFIDENCE and AUTHENTICITY in mobile presentations and conversations
  • Improved customer ATTENTION and ENGAGEMENT
  • Enhanced CREDIBILITY
  • Greater message “STICKINESS”
  • Increased CLOSE RATIO

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 Watch this brief BrightTalk webinar as Julie Hansen shares best practices for using your mobile device with customers!


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