The Great Demo! Workshop

Demo skills training  that  helps organizations put the “Wow!” into their demos.   Making them effective, crisp, and compelling – to engage and capture audiences within the first six minutes of a demonstration.

Organizations that implement the Great Demo! methodology report:

  • Sustained gains of 10% or more in improved close rates overall
  • Shorter sales cycle length – by 50%
  • Demo win-rate increases of 25-75
  • Ongoing cost-of-sales reduction by 25%
  • Improved forecast clarity and predictability
  • Increased deal size and breadth by 2x
  • Free evaluations and POC’s transformed into paid events

Your Team will learn how to:

  • Align demos with critical business issues
  • Structure your demo for maximum attention and retention
  • Create a compelling story with your demo
  • Tailor your message to your audience
  • Highlight context and benefits
  • Avoid costly demo mistakes
  • Smoothly adapt to the unexpected
  • Avoid demos going to “No Decision”
  • Out flank the competition

How it works:

In this hands-on workshop, your team will learn critical new skills for engaging busy prospects, tailoring to their needs, and delivering a compelling message that drives the sale forward. Costly demo mistakes will be role-played by the instructor, as well as solutions. Participants will develop and deliver a live or web-based demo based on a real client opportunity, deliver it in a simulated selling environment, and receive valuable individual feedback and coaching for improvement.

  • 1, 1.5 and 2 day live sessions available, as well as remote options.
  • Great Demo! Workshops are all customized for each customer and each team.
  • Follow up email reminders help participants reinforce, polish, and internalize new skills and apply to current opportunities.

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Who we’ve worked with:

From enterprise software to medical equipment to smaller more niche solutions, the Great Demo methodology has  produced tangible results for thousands of software teams.

What Great Demo Clients are  saying:

“…after your workshop in October, I delivered my first half-day and full-day demos for the same prospect. Just a couple of weeks ago we captured the signature and they will be a new client!”  SC, Membership Software

“Got done with a demo…They asked to see one navigation and I showed them and asked if they wanted to see more. They said NO, they saw enough and wanted to buy.  WOW!”
Kirk Francis, SE

“Very informative and helpful for the entire demo process. I liked the flow of the meeting and how interactive it was for everyone.”
Mike Muscatello, SC

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