Presentation Coaching

Is your presentation or demo costing you the sale?

The truth is most of the time you don’t know — until it’s too late.   But revamping your presentation or demo on your own – from messaging to structure  to delivery – can be daunting and time consuming.  If you’re like most salespeople, you make a few changes here and a few changes there, but the outcome doesn’t change.  Now, you don’t have to lose the deal to find out that your presentation or demo can’t compete in today’s market.  I’m offering a presentation coaching opportunity for salespeople who want a shortcut to a complete presentation transformation.  In less time than it takes to spend your next commission check, we’ll work together to take your presentation bland to brilliant! All without leaving your desk!

Here’s how the Presentation Transformation Shortcut works:

1.  I will personally evaluate your presentation or Business man and discovery - 5 things you must do in your discovery processdemo.

Ever wondered what your customer really thinks about your presentation or demo, or how you stack up to the competition?  Now is your chance to find out! As l evaluate your presentation, here are some of the criteria I’ll be looking at:

2. Receive specific tactics and recommendations on director_chairhow to improve your presentation.

Don’t you hate advice like, “talk about benefits,” or “show more confidence”?  I do.  That’s why I give clear, tactical feedback and suggestions that you can use immediately to improve your presentation or demo.  You’ll understand what you need to do, and sometimes more importantly, what you need to stop doing to be more successful.  You’ll also find out if your presentation is helping you stand out from the crowd, or causing you to blend in to the background.

3.  Have Three One-on-One Coaching Calls with me to apply and practice those changes.

Implementing changes on your own can be difficult without guidance and feedback along the way.  Over the course of three one-one-one calls, we’ll work on applying those changes, practicing new skills and giving you the personal feedback and  direction you need to make your presentation or demo really shine!____________________________________

“Julie’s coaching has sharpened my presentation skills, and that is critical in this competitive ad sales environment. Effective communication is key for everything from getting your foot in the door to building rapport and closing the sale. This is best investment that I’ve made for my professional development by far.”  Madelyn Dellere, Senior Account Executive, Fox Television

Don’t let your deals fall apart simply because your presentation or demo doesn’t hit the mark.

YES, I want to take advantage of this presentation coaching offer before it’s too late!  Email me today at

Here’s what you receive with the Presentation Transformation Shortcut:

You will also learn:

➤ How to structure your presentation to persuade and prove value

3 unique ways to open and close your presentation

➤ How and where to incorporate the power of stories in your presentation

➤ 7 ways to increase audience interaction

➤ How to adjust your presentation for different audiences

Special Introductory Price: $997


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*Includes review of up to 30 minutes of a recorded presentation or demo.