We teach critical new skills for crafting and delivering a winning sales presentation, conversation or demonstration that engages and persuades today’s busy decision-makers.

“A sales presentation isn’t a Ted Talk or a motivational speech. You want your prospect to do more than feel good when you’re done. You want him to take action.”

Julie Hansen, Founder and Author of Sales Presentations for Dummies

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Sales Presentation Skills for the 21st Century

Consider how much your customers have changed in the past decade:

  • Audience attentions spans have declined 50%
  • Over half of buyers have researched your company, product or service
  • The difference between products and services is getting smaller and many solutions have been commoditized in customer’s eyes

So why are your presentations stuck in the eighties?

Give your salespeople the critical new skills and tools they need to stand out with today’s busy decision-makers and drive them to take action. By applying a persuasive structure, audience insights, and proven engagement methods from acting, improvisation and storytelling, Performance Sales and Training helps your team learn, apply, and internalize winning skills to close more deals, more consistently.

We focus on Sales Presentations and Demonstrations

Whether it’s formal or informal, live or online, you need your prospect to do more than “feel good” or “be informed” after a presentation. You want him to take action. That’s why we focus on a very specialized set of presentation skills and tools — from design to structure to delivery. We’ve coached thousands of sales pros around the world and know what it takes to deliver a winning sales presentation or demo in today’s competitive landscape.

Sales Presentation Training to fit your needs

Performance Sales and Training provides customized presentation skills training for sales professionals in a variety of industries. From programs based on acting and improvisation to best practices outlined in founder Julie Hansen’s new book, Sales Presentation for Dummies. See our Sales Training page for examples of popular workshops.
“This will definitely impact my ability to connect with customers and drive greater revenue!”
Elizabeth Sousa, Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle”

Training that “Sticks”

Just as your customer won’t remember the same dull, presentation they’ve heard dozens of times, neither will your sales team respond to the same old sales training. We teach critical new skills and concepts in a fun, interactive environment, not just because it’s more fun for us, but because it produces lasting results!

“The best part of the training sessions are the amount of real world scenarios interjected with humor, which is exactly how adults learn.”
Larry Doirin, Director of Training, HR Outsourcing

We believe in the value of rehearsal for internalizing new behaviors and producing lasting change, therefore the size of our Workshops remains small to allow each participant ample “stage time” to practice and apply new skills and receive valuable individual coaching and feedback.

All of our Workshops provide an excellent foundation for new presenters while also challenging experienced sales pros to achieve even greater success.

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Learn more about founder, Julie Hansen here.

Declining attention spans. Growing distractions. Increased competition.

We specialize in helping salespeople deliver winning sales presentations and demonstrations by adapting to the demands of today’s complex selling environment.

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Performance Sales and Training: Persuasive Presentation Skills to meet the challenges of today’s B2B Sales Environment