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Julie Hansen, Keynote Sales Speaker

“My organization hired Julie to keynote our December sales excellence workshop. She NAILED it. Our audience of sales leaders and experts were blown away by her message, her style and energy, and her humor. She had everyone thinking differently about how they presented their offerings by the end of the program. It was a great decision to have her speak at this program. “Fred Diamond  | Executive Dir.  | Institute for Excellence in Sales

Engage. Enlighten. Inspire Change.

A sales speaker should do more than make your team feel good…

Give your team unique strategies and actionable tactics for winning business in today’s competitive marketplace.  Talks are based on the ideas presented in Julie’s two sales books:  Sales Presentations for Dummies and ACT Like a Sales Pro!   A professional actor, Julie will keep even your most seasoned pros engaged as she uses humor and improv to create a memorable event that inspires action.

Keynote Descriptions:

The following are available as Keynotes and/or Breakout Sessions:

“Improv” to Improve Your Sales!

A highly-interactive session that gets your Team on their feet applying key principles of Improv to real world sales challenges.

Sales and improv require the ability to adapt quickly to change, connect with a variety of players, and move the conversation forward.  In this unique session your team will learn improv techniques to successfully collaborate with customers, overcome objections and move the sale forward.

Audiences will learn how to:

  • Quickly pick up on buyer cues
  • Make your customer look (and feel) good
  • Easily overcome objections
  • Avoid this “conversation killer”
  • Move the sale forward

Make Your Message Memorable

How do you make sure that your presentation or demo is remembered – and acted upon — after you walk out the door?

Longer buying cycles and increasingly complex sales mean fewer presentation or demos end in a signed contract.  Decision-makers may not get together for days, weeks or months to discuss your proposal.   In this Keynote, Julie provides proven tactics for ensuring you and your solution are remembered when it counts!

Audiences will learn how to:

  • Shorten the sales cycle by increasing clarity and memorability
  • Stand out from the competition in any selling environment
  • Adapt their message to align with customer attention spans
  • Apply brain research to make a message memorable
  • Improve message recall through the power of story

Perform To Win!

Believe it or not, the actors you see in movies and on TV hold the key to winning more sales today.

Learn to leverage the actor’s tools: Your voice, body, stage, and script to engage and motivate your buyers.  In this signature keynote, Julie Hansen shares from her personal experience as a professional actor and an award-winning salesperson.   Based on Julie’s groundbreaking book, ACT Like a Sales Pro.

Audiences will learn how to:

  • Exhibit greater confidence and credibility
  • Quickly establish an emotional connection with customers
  • Leverage voice, body and stage to maintain attention and highlight key messages
  • Bring dull sales scripts or presentations to life
  • Move from boring monologue to engaging dialogue

Create a Compelling Sales Story

Leverage the power of storytelling in sales with proven tips from the movies, television and Ted Talks 

Drawing on storytelling essentials from the movies, television and TED Talks, Julie Hansen reveals the secret to crafting a purposeful story that hooks your prospect, adds value to the sales conversation and moves the sale forward.  As well as how to deliver it effectively with proven acting techniques!

Audiences will learn how to:

  • Select a compelling story for maximum impact
  • The 5 types of sales stories every seller should have ready
  • Build a story based on proven models
  • Create a movie-style opening that “hooks” your audience
  • Deliver a story with authenticity and confidence

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What Audiences are Saying:

“We had the pleasure of including Julie Hansen in our August 2017 convention as a keynote speaker.  She was fabulous!  Entertaining, engaging and so different than other traditional keynotes.  She had 600 people on their feet; not an easy task!

Julie made communication and planning a snap.  We needed a great deal of pre-work and the material she provided was perfect.  Julie designed breakout sessions for our sales reps and leaders, which were fun yet practical.

I highly recommend including Julie for your next conference; she’s a refreshing change from typical keynote topics.”

Sally Whitchurch | Sales Training & Development Manager | Valpak

“What a phenomenal presentation you gave yesterday! I was scribbling down notes the entire time and have a bunch of improvements I can make immediately both on our decks and my presenting style itself. I’ve heard many speakers over the years, but honestly, you’ve got to be one of the most engaging, specific, and entertaining I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.”

Chris Sabbe | SVP Business Development | LenderLive

“We observed “Light Bulbs” going off in our franchisee’s heads and the best aspect of the session was the owners discussing how they cannot wait to return home and begin implementing these techniques. The ultimate compliment was given when one of our Area Directors had Julie fly out and teach the class to his entire territory.”

Kyle Gjersee, SVP/Chief Operations Officer, Fitness Together Franchise Corp. | Elements Therapeutic Massage, Inc.

“Our sales environment is dynamic and Julie brought some creative and innovative ideas so we can meet these changes in our marketplace. Our team was engaged and came away with some unique tools to continue to improve our sales process.”

John Utvich |  North American Sales Manager |  TerumoBCT

“Julie’s presentation was spot on.  The audience was engaged and eagerly participated in the role-playing and sharing of ideas.  I highly recommend Julie for your next sales meeting.”

Julie Whalen | Sr. Loan Officer |Guild Mortgage

“Julie’s Concepts and Ideas completely revolutionizes the way that folks have traditionally viewed sales. I wholeheartedly recommend Julie for any organization looking for a new and exciting way to jumpstart their sales programs.”

Major Brad Gallup USMC, USAF (Ret.) Director of Employment Initiatives| ESGR

“I wholeheartedly recommend Julie, and her Acting for Sales Presentation for any organization looking for a new and exciting way to jumpstart their sales programs.”

–Director of H.R. Services, Software Company


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