How to Overcome your Fear of the Camera – and Ramp Up Remote Sales!

According to research done by  webcams are used 41% more often in deals that close than lost deals.

There’s never been a more important time for sellers to master their on-camera and video skills and ramp up remote sales.   Your eyes and your face help to quickly establish a relationship with customers and build the credibility and trust they need to make buying decisions in uncertain times.

So what is keeping you from using video? Maybe you’re intimidated by the camera, not sure if you’re doing it right, or just feel awkward. You are not alone.

Speaking to a camera is an unnatural act.

The good news is that even actors who transition from stage to film struggle with it.  But they overcome it by learning and practicing specific on-camera techniques, like:

  • The secret to appearing “natural” on-camera
  • How to create eye contact with your audience and make them feel engaged
  • The ideal body position for the camera
  • What movements and gestures distract your audience
  • How to use notes/script while on-camera

Learn to Sell On-Camera with Confidence and Credibility

In my Selling On-Camera Master Class you’ll learn all the techniques that actors learn to project the confidence and credibility you need on video sales calls to drive sales!

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