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5 Fake Facts Killing your Sales Presentation

Do you believe that we only use 10% of our brains?  If so, you’ve bought into a fake fact. While some fake facts are harmless, others like, “The flu vaccination can give you the flu” can produce devastating consequences. I’ve run across several fake facts about sales presentations over the years:  New techniques hailed as “the latest, greatest idea.” Old wives’ tales passed down from generation to generation. Blindly followed, some of these “facts” can create real damage to your credibility and even derail your entire presentation. 5 Fake Facts Killing your Sales Presentation 1:  Follow the 18-minute Ted Talk Rule. The 18-minute rule was based on one neuroscience study and Ted Talk curator Chris Anderson’s opinion that 18-minutes is “short enough to hold people’s attention…and precise enough to be taken seriously.” Sorry, but there is nothing magical about 18-minutes.  Even presentation guru Carmine Gallo (who once suggested all business Read More

Does your presentation pass the TED Test?

Imagine having just 18 minutes to deliver your sales presentation. Could you make your key point, engage your prospect, and motivate him to take action? Thousands of TED speakers attempt to do just that with audiences each year — many with fantastic levels of success. Ted Talks are viewed about 1.5 million times a day and, fair or not, they have raised the bar on what your audience expects from a sales presentation. How do you stack up to TED? Odds are your prospect watches TED Talks, as do your competitors. So it’s important to know how your presentation stacks up to the comparison. Here are some important questions to ask yourself and tips you should consider applying to your presentation to stand out with today’s savvy audiences: Do you stick to one big idea? If you have a fairly complex solution, sticking to one idea probably sounds near impossible. Yet Read More


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