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The 1 Improv Technique Salespeople Must Know

the 1 improv technique

You can prepare for a customer meeting until you’re blue in the face, but eventually you will be confronted with something you did not anticipate. Whether it’s a change in the customer’s priorities, personnel, or timing, unanticipated questions or objections, the unexpected can bring the conversation – and the sale — to a screeching halt. Fortunately, the wonderful art of Improv offers many techniques for dealing with the unknown that are as effective on stage as they are in real life.  In my book, “Yes and” is the 1 improv technique salespeople must know in order to successfully navigate any unanticipated customer comment or situation. “Yes and” is the foundation of all good improv scenes.  Just as its name implies, “Yes and” is about saying yes to your customer, but it’s also about making your customer feel heard, building trust, collaborating on a solution, and moving the conversation forward. The Read More

Can This Presentation be Saved? Yes, with the Improv Rule of Use It, Lose It, or Laugh at It

As they say in live theater, “the show must go on.” The same holds true for your presentation. Whether the customer throws you a curve ball, you’ve forgotten your slide deck, or can’t access your demo environment, you must carry on. Things change and mistakes happen. Technology and humans are both fallible. The important thing to remember is to remain calm. Not only will keeping your composure help you manage the situation, but it will help your prospect stay calm as well. Keep in mind that your prospect will take his cues from you. If you suddenly look like you’ve just missed the last flight home, your prospect will be understandably alarmed as well. When the unexpected occurs in business, I find many improv techniques to be very helpful, especially the improv rule of Use it, Lose it, or Laugh at to be extremely helpful. The rule quickly narrows down Read More

Tina Fey’s Improv Advice for Salespeople

“Start with a Yes and see where that takes you.” Tina Fey I’m a big Tina Fey fan and her book Bossypants didn’t disappoint. Not only is it a fun, insightful glimpse behind the SNL cameras, it also shines a light one of the cardinal rules of improv that has a lot of application for anyone in sales. Improv for salespeople can be a secret weapon when it comes to overcoming objections and moving the sale forward. Improv for Salespeople : Always say “Yes and.” The essence of the Rule of “Yes and” is that no matter what your partner (prospect) gives you, you say “yes” to them. Example: Tina: Hey Julie, that’s a cute monkey you have there. Me: Yes, he is cute, isn’t he? (Even though I don’t see a monkey.) In other words, I accept it. Do I have to agree with it? No. I don’t even have Read More


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