5 Minute Presentation Tips (Audio): How to Avoid Drowning your Prospect in Features

How to avoid feature spray in your presentation

Got 5 minutes?  Find out 5 ways to avoid drowning your prospect in features in your presentation or demo by listening to this quick MP3 recording: How to Avoid Drowning your Prospect in Features – in less than 5 Minutes! Click on link below to listen to the recording: 5 Ways to Avoid Drowning your Prospect in Features (MP3)   You might find the following posts helpful as well: How to Highlight Value in your Presentation or Demo The Anatomy of a Boring Presentation Sales

Audience Engagement: The Holy Grail of Sales Presentations

Holy Grail of Sales Presentations

 It can feel like a “win” just to be able to get in front of busy decision-makers to present your product or solution today. But in sales, that’s just the beginning. In order to move prospects to take action, you need to do more than get an audience and talk through your slides.  You need to engage and interact with that audience .  There’s a lot of chatter about audience “engagement”, but what does it really mean? Here’s a good definition: Engagement: emotional involvement or commitment I’m sure you have a strong logical case for why your prospect should buy your solution.  I bet your competitor does too.  But research shows that most purchases are made on emotion and justified by logic.  Emotion trumps logic, which is why we should all be unwavering in our quest for audience engagement. Audience Engagement: The Holy Grail of Sales Presentations Not only are Read More

Applying the KISS Principle to your presentation

KISS Principle

There’s a disturbing trend among many presenters to pack in as much information as possible in to a presentation or demo, especially as solutions get more complex and face time with prospects more condensed. While it seems like you may be maximizing your allotted time, the effects of too much information can be just as deadly as too little information.  Applying the KISS principle to your presentation (keep it simple stupid) is as important today as it’s ever been. Research shows that most people can remember about three things – and that may be pushing it. Like you, your prospect is bombarded with information on a daily basis.  In fact, the average adult receives about 3000 messages per day!  But of course you have more than three things you want to get across, so what’s the answer? Most presentations try to emphasize too many points, which often has the effect Read More

3 Powerful Ways to Sell Against the Status Quo in your Presentation

challenge the status quo

Your presentation goes well, your business audience is receptive and impressed with your capabilities, and then . . . nothing.  The deal stalls. Surprise! You lost out to your biggest competitor, the Status Quo. As organizations become more risk adverse, solutions more complex and decisions impact a variety of areas, not taking action or staying with the status quo, i.e., “the way things are now,” – no matter how flawed that may be – is a choice more and more prospects are making. Salespeople who don’t recognize the powerful draw of “doing nothing” and develop a plan for how to sell against the status quo  in their presentation or demo are often caught off guard and fail miserably against this formidable foe. Change is difficult for many people.  In fact, there are 205,000 books on change. Number one? Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard. (Chip and Dan Heath) Read More

5 Buyer Trends You Must Adjust for in Your Sales Presentation

Netflix and Hulu Presentation trends

Remember scouring the aisles on a Friday night at your local Blockbuster looking for a good video for the weekend? Your heart would leap after spotting the new release you’d been wanting to see, but excitement would quickly turn to disappointment when you picked up that empty case. How do you get your movies now? Certainly not from Blockbuster! Blockbuster misjudged the significance of a buyer trend that companies like Netflix embraced, i.e.,  customers demand for faster service, more choices and fewer penalties. Salespeople have had to adapt their selling process to many buyer trends over the past few decades, most notably social media and a steady stream of technological advances. However salespeople have been slow to adapt to 5 key buyer trends in their presentations.  But no longer. I’m joining forces with Prezi, the presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to improve your presentation, in a Read More

3 Ways to Highlight Your Value Proposition in a Presentation or Demo

Standing out with a value proposition

You probably don’t consider what  you sell to be a commodity, but the truth is, if your prospect can’t clearly distinguish why he should pay more for your product or service than the competitor’s, you may as well be selling water or pork bellies. Most sales people recognize the need to have a tailored and specific value proposition in a presentation or demo given today’s competitive environment, however they often falter when it comes to delivering that value proposition, missing key opportunities to highlight and reinforce it. Many times the value proposition isn’t even mentioned until the closing, which is way too late (read this article and find out why). Value deserves special attention in several sections of your presentation. Following are 3 ways to highlight your value proposition in a presentation or demo: Your Opening: Your value proposition should make an early appearance in your presentation. It’s more important Read More

Can you handle the truth? A sales lesson from actors on taking feedback

You can't handle the truth! (1)

Hardly anyone likes being told that the way they’re doing something isn’t working.  For salespeople and performers alike, there’s a certain vulnerability that comes with stepping into the spotlight.  Feedback can feel like a personal attack if not handled properly, but just like any other competitive performance, there is rarely improvement without it. As a presentation coach, I honor the courage that it takes for each salesperson to put themselves out there when I give feedback.  But giving feedback is only half the equation.  It’s how salespeople handle that feedback that ultimately determines their success. Two Ways Not to Take Feedback I’ve noticed that salespeople who struggle with taking feedback fall into one of two camps.  The first explain (often in great detail) why they made a certain choice, what they were taught or read, or what they meant to do and why it should be working. The second tend to Read More

What’s Your Drop the Mic Moment in Your Presentation?

Obama drop the mic

Good presenters have a clear central point.  Great presenters make that point in a compelling and memorable way.  In other words, they have a Drop the Mic Moment. Too often I see salespeople bury a profound statement in a load of information, rush too quickly into their next point, or worse, over-explain what they just said, diluting the impact of their message all together. In case you’re unfamiliar with the millions of drop the mic memes, the phrase typically refers to a bold gesture of confidence by a politician or performer from Obama to Kanye, after delivering a great performance or impressive argument or even insult. (For fun, check out the Late Late Show host James Corden and his Drop the Mic rap challenge.)  When a performer drops the mic, it confirms in the audience’s mind that they’ve just experienced something noteworthy.  Something worth remembering. As buying cycles get longer Read More

7 Tips in 5 minutes: Leveraging the Power of Storytelling in Sales (Recorded)

How to tell a great sales story

Got 5 minutes?  Find out the 7 tips you need to know to tell a compelling, purposeful story in your sales call or presentation by listening to this quick MP3 recording: How to leverage the power of Storytelling in Sales – in 5 Minutes! Click on link below to listen to the recording: 5 minutes to Storytelling Sales Success Sales Want to read more about leveraging the power of storytelling in sales? Click here

3 Surprisingly Simple Presentation Hacks.  (Hint: One involves duct tape…)

Presentation hacks

There are many things that can derail your presentation. Some, like a faulty structure or poor delivery, require an investment of thought and time to change. The following however are surprisingly simple presentation hacks you can make right now to address three common problems occurring in sales presentations which can distract your audience and significantly reduce your chance of success. 3 Surprisingly Simple Presentation Hacks: Presentation Hack #1 Check out the picture above.  The presenter is smiling, facing the audience, appears to be engaged.  But you probably also observed that he is standing in the projector light. Now you may be thinking, “big deal,”but here’s the thing:  whatever critical point the presenter may be making, most of the audience will miss as their attention is focused on the slide elements running across the presenter’s shirt, arm, and face. Don’t’ blame the audience as they can’t help it: There is an Read More